Monday, December 29, 2008

Gina & Joe in Chiii-caaaa-go

Gina and Joe + rain + wind + cars + lots of people = really cool engagement portraits! We had lots of fun as we stayed one step ahead of the imminent downpour, then tucked away for a bite to eat while we chatted about all their wedding plans. We are looking forward to the wedding in the spring. Check out all of Gina and Joe's portraits on their WEBSHOW.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Talk about a cutie! Brianna is 6 months old, but she is so dainty. She was expressive and happy and just a delight to shoot. For those of you wondering if we do studio portraits, the answer is absolutely and we do them right in your own home! If you want to see all of the Howard family's portraits, check out their WebShow.

The Beck Grandkids

It's our philosophy that kids should be able to run a little wild during a portrait session....of course, that's because we found that not even duct tape keeps them still. Besides, it's so much more fun! Especially when candy is involved. To see images of these cheeky monkeys, check out their WebShow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Portraits in Zwingle

I just couldn't resist posting a sneak peek of this family session in Zwingle. The fall colors were spectacular and, well, I'm always a sucker for beautiful light and sweet faces of children. You can view all their portraits on the WebShow!

Friday, October 10, 2008

HaRim - Marquette Senior

HaRim is from South Korea and is here as a foreign exchange student staying with the McClimon's and attending Marquette High School. She is super sweet and absolutely adorable. We can't imagine how exciting it would be to travel so far and be immersed in a different culture. How cool. You can view all of HaRim's portraits on her WEBSHOW.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tiffany - Bellevue Senior

More senior portraits as we enter the fall- this time, Tiffany, a real sweetheart. Tessa, Tiffany's best friend and Tiffany's mom and sister also got in on the portrait action. We also stopped by and shot a few at Tiffany's father's grave. You can view all of Tiffany's portraits by checking out our Webshows.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall Portrait Early Bird Promotion

An excellent gift so many enjoy through the holidays is the presentation of a beautiful family portrait. Call before September 30th to book your session and we'll throw in a complimentary holiday card design with your choice of 3 images.

Yearbook Deadline Fast Approaching!

The deadline for turning in your high school senior portrait for the yearbook is OCTOBER 1st for Bellevue High School.

***Deadline Special***
Schedule your session for now through September 21st to ensure your portrait is in by the deadline and receive 2 Custom Art Wallet designs from your choice of two images. Use these to order special wallet portraits to give friends and family. They have been specially sized and enhanced with graphic art borders and text to match your image and can be ordered in beautiful metallic from our recommended lab at the wallet size.

Examples of Custom Art Wallets:

OMG, is it really happening?

It's happening. We saw it while camping up at the Dyas Unit this weekend...fall is coming. The Sumacs are starting to turn a fiery red, the Walnuts a golden yellow and there were many caterpillars out munching away as they store energy for their amazing transformation into butterflies that may inhabit the beautiful garden in the Bellevue State Park.

Fall means gorgeous color. Fall is also a reminder that the holidays are coming soon and that means we will be super busy here at Luminous Life as we create treasured, fun and breathtaking portraits.

Emily...and a whole bunch of other people...well, okay, 3 other people.

Emily pitches softball for Marquette, so we had some fun with that. We also shot at their cabin by the river including some of Emily and her friend Molly and a few with Emily's mom and sister. We also made a trek to downtown Bellevue getting some edgy "urban" scenes. You can view Emily's whole session by visiting Luminous Life Webshows.

Audrey's Senior Session

We went out to Audrey's house where Tucker, her beautiful paint was being prepped for time in front of the lens with Audrey. Shooting some portraits of Audrey with her car took us back in time remembering our high school rides we barely managed to hold together with duct tape and prayers and kept running on gasoline that cost well under a dollar a gallon....ahhh, those were the days. If you'd like to see Audrey's whole session, visit Luminous Life Webshows.

Celebrating the birth of our new baby Blog...

We decided it was time to enter the cyber realm of the Blog. A blog is a place for people who use the internet to tell everyone whatever it is they want everyone to hear...or what they want no one to hear. Anyhow, we have plenty we'd like you to know and having this blog will help us keep you updated more often. Check back weekly for our Image of the Week and our newest session favorites, plus read the latest on what is happening at Luminous Life.