Monday, June 8, 2009

Amber - Hemstead Senior Ambassador

Amber has the cutest smile, omg! Like a ray of sunshine along with the sweetest personality. We are planning a cool retro-bowling alley shoot for the future. So fun! Check out all of Amber's Senior portraits on her WEBSHOW.

Becca - Bellevue Senior Ambassador

Becca is too cool. She was up for anything, including an absolutely spontaneous trip up to Dubuque to shoot some grungy, urban funk. Doesn't she have the coolest 'serious' look?! We had fun hunting down bold colors to play with. Check out all of Becca's Senior portraits on her WEBSHOW.

Rachel - Bellevue Senior Ambassador

Rachel is FUN! Not only does she look like a Russian Cover Girl, she has an amazing sense of humor ranging from goofy to sarcastic... and she can DANCE like nobody's watchin'. Check out all of Rachel's senior portraits on her WEBSHOW.

Bailey - Preston Senior Ambassador

Any senior who totes a trunk full of props to their session definitely has our hearts. Talk about fun! We had guitars, hats, dahlias and more to play with and boy, did we ever. Bailey is one of a kind, for sure. Check out all of Bailey's Senior portraits on her WEBSHOW.