Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hayley - Bellevue High Senior

Talk about kickin' it! Hayley has the moves and the black belt to prove it! We had a blast and even used the interference of a train for some fun shots. See all of Hayley's portraits on her WEBSHOW.

The Budde's, starring Declan and I.Q.

We cannot shoot this family enough! They are all just gorgeous.. yes, even you Gooch, and so much fun! I.Q. always keeps us on our toes and with the addition of Declan, it was awesome. See all of the Budde family's portraits on their WEBSHOW.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jayden - Bellevue High Senior

Talk about props, Jayden had a super gigantic-uber tractorsaurus that we got to play with. Actually we played with two of them. Then the gorgeous Scheckel family graced our photographic canvas with their hogs... and a good time was had by all! See all of Jaydens portraits on his WEBSHOW. And the Scheckel family's WEBSHOW.